Soft Chalk Animal Drawing Book


Sometimes we just need to keep the kids occupied but its even better when it inspires creativity.  This portable soft chalk board drawing book does that and more. With soft material that makes it easy to fold up and keep in your car for trips quick trips and its durable construction makes it a must have for families on the go.  Easily just wipe it off to clean the artwork and let them start on a new creation. Waterproof because well its made for kids. This will keep the spark of your childs creative juices and while out to dinner and fun if you want to join in. 

Suitable Age: Above 2 yrs Old
Themes: Animal / Marine Life
Size: about 22*25 cm/ 8.7*9.95 in ( Size is larger than other sellers)
Pages: 7pages, 12sides (More page )
Accessories: with 4 chalks, 1 pen holder
Shipping time is usually 21 days excluding holidays